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Meet Jessica Chaos

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Meet Jessica Chaos, Founder and Owner

Meet the unstoppable force behind the needle and thread, our master seamstress extraordinaire, Jessica Chaos, with over two decades of weaving magic into the fabric.

From stitching her first hem to crafting intricate designs that steal the spotlight at trade shows, she’s the heart and soul behind Chaos Works. With scissors in one hand and a vision in the other, she transforms mere threads into works of art that tell stories with every stitch.

She specializes in trade show fabrics and is the secret weapon behind complex booths that turn heads and leave lasting impressions. With over 20 years of experience, she’s not just a seamstress but a fabric sorcerer, conjuring up sewn wonders. Her journey has been a patchwork quilt of passion, dedication, and a touch of rebellious creativity, making her the undisputed queen of the sewing machine.

Get ready to be woven into the narrative of her unparalleled expertise, where every stitch is a chapter, and every piece tells a tale of mastery tailored over the years.

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Our Values

Who We Are & What We Believe.

Our Vision
At Chaos Works, we envision a haven of unique fabric mastery, where the art of sewing transcends mere stitches to become a symphony of tailored perfection. Our vision is to be a sanctuary for those who seek the extraordinary, where the hands of our team bring to life stories told in seams, hems, and intricate details.

Our Mission

Driven by a passion for precision, our mission is to elevate the standards of bespoke fabric projects, ensuring that every piece leaving our studio is a testament to the skill, care, and attention to detail of our team. We aim to be a trusted partner in our clients' journeys, offering not just fabrics but a customized expression of their brand and aspirations.

Our Motto

What is "Striving for Better"?
We consistently aim to transcend the boundaries of our former capabilities. Each day witnesses the brilliance of our current accomplishments, eclipsing the shadows of yesterday's endeavors. As we move forward, our gaze remains steadfastly fixed on tomorrow's horizon, where the triumphs of our relentless pursuit of progress eagerly await.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

– Seneca

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